Wednesday, June 30, 2021

Weekly Scribblings #76: Writing a Blank

Hello, Word Artists and Admirers! For this week’s prompt, I’d like us to play with one of the following phrases:

  •           Drawing a blank
  •           Blank slate
  •           Blank space
  •           'Blank'et statement

You change the tense (ex. “draw a blank”) or change it to plural (ex. “blank spaces”) but some form of the phrase must appear in the post. I’m open to poetry and prose, fiction and non-fiction. Just remember to keep all prose offerings to 369 words or fewer and one entry per person please.


  1. A quick, too quick write, so it didn't do justice but it was still a fun prompt.

    I'll post it at Midnight here to make a Wednesday post. Then my lights go out

  2. Sorry; I got nothing. So I posted this instead...

  3. Thanks Rommy I got an idea for this one Immediately~

  4. Very deep prompt Rommy. It was the term “blank slate” that really got me thinking about how beautiful and powerful that term can be, also how dangerous and frightening. My thoughts on the subject were further stirred while watching Taylor in the video you posted. If people do not learn to live by fundamentals they have thoroughly vetted for themselves, this world can, and seems to be, chaos. You end up with a world of inauthentic people, with useless opinions, acting only as they have been told to — “Dogmabots” is the term I have coined. This is the perspective that drove my response to this promot..


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