Friday, December 17, 2021

Friday Writings #7: Dear 2021…

Greetings, dear poets and storytellers. How are things in your bit of the world? In New York City, temperatures have been peculiarly high for the time of year. As I am typing this, the thermometer is displaying a balmy 61°F (16°C)—five days away from the first day of winter. I can’t say that it isn’t nice to see flowers blooming in December, but… it’s also disturbing. Anyone who still argues that climate change isn’t real is delusional.

What’s the weather doing around your bit of the world?

Today’s optional prompt has little to do with weird weather. Since this is going to be our last Friday Writings this year, I thought it appropriate to write a “Dear 2021” open letter, in verse or in prose. If this topic isn't doing it for you, you’re welcome to write about any topic you choose. Let your contributions be new or old, short or longish... (prose pieces should be 369 words or fewer). One link per participant, please. Remember to visit other writers. Delight in their words. Let them know what their writings do for you.

I hope this Holiday Season is pleasant for you and yours. Even if the world continues to grow slightly insane and rather infectious, I wish all of you to find something lovely and good to hold close to your heart. May 2022 bring better things to all of us.

We shall return on the 7th of January, 2022. On that day—if you want a prompt—our Rommy would like us to write poetry or prose inspired by New Year’s Resolutions (your resolution, how much you love or loathe resolutions, the meaning of resolutions… It’s your choice).  

Let us hope this ↑ turns into that ↓

photos by
Ibrahim Boran and Moritz Knöringer, respectively


See you on January 7th, my dearest poets and storytellers!