Wednesday, May 26, 2021

Weekly Scribblings #71: Waiting

Waiting for the dust to settle, waiting for the other shoe to drop, waiting in the wings, waiting in line, playing the waiting game, waiting with bated breath, waiting for Godot, I can’t wait …

Hello again, dear Wordsmiths.

What are you waiting for? 

To be vaccinated; to be able to travel more freely; to see family members in person at last; just for the whole damn nightmare to fade…?

For the completion of a project; for a particular phone-call or email; for a train or a bus; for a parcel to be delivered; for the doctor to see you…?

With trepidation, for exam results? With eagerness (especially if young) to celebrate your birthday?

Are you waiting for rain? Waiting for the rain to stop?

My cat waits for the next meal, the next game, the next snuggle. My friend’s dog waits for her daily walk. 

And what do you do while you’re waiting?

Waiting for a bus, or a medical appointment – those are good times to catch up with reading, or even writing. Or I play on Instagram, checking profiles I follow: from National Geographic and ‘earth’, through besotted cat owners and Doctor Who fandom accounts, to new poems and photos by some of you.

Waiting for something more suspenseful? Well, maybe we still need to resort to those same activities to take our minds off. Or do we pace the floor, keep checking our watches, ask importunate questions over and over …?

Enough speculation! We’ve waited long enough. Luckily we don’t need to wait for inspiration. We have prompts.

Please write about waiting.

Poetry or prose; new, recent or extensively reworked; only one each; prose pieces 369 words max. The prompt will stay open all week.

Leave us a link here, maybe a comment, and if possible please mention this prompt on your post, or linking to it there would be really awesome.

The first song about waiting to capture my heart. I know Marlene Dietrich made it her own, 

but it was Vera Lynn's version I first heard.




  1. Lots of doctor/dentist appointments scheduled for Wednesday .... will stop back to read all of your (long-awaited) poetry.

    1. May they all have excellent outcomes! And not too long to wait for results.

  2. And what do you do while you’re waiting? I'll watch, watch my squirrel up in the tree.
    Thank you for hosting, Rosemary. The wait was fun, I didn't start writing until bedtime. Not real good but I am better, some. Now it's Helen's turn for the doctors. I'm wishing here well. And I pray.

    1. Glad to know you are recovering, Jim. And writing!

  3. I've been waiting for what seems like forever (okay, a day) for the Internet to work properly. It's still acting up, but they promise the silliness will end this afternoon. Fingers crossed.

    1. I'll cross my fingers for you too. So frustrating! It does feel like forever when that happens. How the Internet has changed our lives! And there are kids growing up today who have never known a world without it.

  4. Negative traits also have a positivity in them. Good one.

  5. I wanted to enter the ones with unusual, uncommon and uncanny. Sorry, got mistaken here. Don't know how to remove.


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