Sunday, June 7, 2020

Writers’ Pantry #23: Growing Along with Our Words

On these days of so much bad, it seems like a miraculous bit of wild magic to be able to share something good. What’s this “good” you speak of, Magaly? You might be thinking. Well, my beloved lovers of words, I’m referring to the Poets and Storytellers United Legacy Tree. How glorious is that? Pretty fantastic, methinks!

Our giant bit of good is a sugar maple tree planted by our own Joel, of The Stranded Tree Farm. The tree is currently just a sprout, but like Joel says in “Tree of Words”, the Poets and Storytellers United Legacy Tree “may be small but it can grow along with our words.”
photo by Joel (@Stranded Tree)
Please visit Joel’s blog, and read “Tree of Words”, to learn more about our Legacy Tree. Explore the links within the post to experience more of the project. Dear Joel, thank you so much for this growing gift. May our words and hopes help it touch the sky (and us, too).

Announcements and Reminders:

- in her latest Wild Fridays: Roving the Web, our Rosemary brings us “Letters from Satya”. The post offers a link to a new free e-course that she hopes “will support you to lean into our dear Earth - with all her complexity, wisdom and beauty.” Bring on the support and hope, I say!

- for the next Weekly Scribblings, Sanaa wishes everyone “to draw inspiration from ‘A Playlist Compiled for the Heart’. Pick a song that appeals to you and let your muse run free Be inspired by the title, the lyrics or just the emotions that the song evokes. Please do mention your choice somewhere in the post and remember to give credit.” 

But today and always, for our Writers’ Pantry, your muse’s inspiration can go free and wild. Let your contribution be new or old, short or long (if you choose prose, the word count should be 369 words or fewer). Add the direct link to your poetry or prose to Mr. Linky. One entry per participant, please. Visit other lovers of words. And tell them what/how you feel about the words their muses sprouted.

 Yes, we can; or, we could… if we grow.


  1. Such a delightful idea, to think of that tree 'growing along with our words'. Magical indeed, and definitely a piece of very good news. As one of our Aussie singers, Paul Kelly, says, 'From little things big things grow.' That can apply to so many things – from race relations (which the song was written about) to trees, writings, and all manner of seedlings we may nurture.

    1. I love the thought of writing being a "seedling we may nurture." It just sounds right!

  2. Here is for Joel's tree, may it grow fast.
    Besides garden and yard vegetation I have two plants the share a pit. One is has pear-shaped bright green leaves originating from their root bundle, either rescued at Mom's or my MIL's funeral
    The other is an Aloe Vera p plant that my MIL had growing on her kitchen window sill. I don't dare let either die.
    They probably would be good for a write.
    Thanks, Magaly, for hosting.

    1. I bet your plants have all sorts of tales to tell, Jim!

  3. I agree with Roseemary. I've linked up one of the 'Elevensies' I wrote last week.

  4. Thanks for sharing Joel's tree Magaly, a photo which made me feel very happy this morning


  5. I decided a few months for the tree and I'm glad the tree is appreciated.

    I picked a maple because it should give ample shade as it spreads wide to allow someone to sit and give pause to the world. May each person who rests there give time to the written word as a reader or maybe a writer. If the shade is shared, all the better.

    Legacy trees receive a little extra care and protection from the animal residents. When they reach maturity, the seeds and nuts can extend the legacy further.

    Enjoy, my friends. I will return later to read as my work seems to be stacking up.


    1. I keep on smiling as I think of the tree growing, of the first autumn touching its leaves, of spring dressing it up in new leaves... A gift that keeps on giving.

  6. Hello everyone! Please understand that my piece for this week's was written during the beginnings of the corona virus and therefore that is why that poem is that. lol. Good Sunday to everyone and may this summer be fun for you and your loved ones! Cheers!

    1. Now you've made me all curious and stuff...

      Happiest Sunday!

  7. Replies
    1. Right back at you, Audrey. I hope all is getting better your way...

  8. I am super late and super excited to have made it. Hope everyone has a great week.


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