Friday, June 9, 2023

Friday Writings #80: Bucket List


Hello, Word Artists and Admirers! In my last blog post I had mentioned that I wrote a tanka in honor of a fellow tea student getting her tea name. What I didn’t mention is I also had the huge honor of performing the thin tea portion at one of the gatherings to honor her. Being the host at a tea gathering was one of the things on my bucket list (and an experience I hope to repeat again).


So for this week’s optional prompt, I’d like you to consider your bucket list—either something you’ve already crossed off or something yet to be done—and use that to inspire your words. Poetry and prose are welcome, as is fiction and non-fiction. Just please keep your words to 369 or fewer and one entry per person please.

Next Week, Rosemary will ask you "Which city do you dream of?"


  1. I hope this isn't too esoteric. Peace to all you poets today.

  2. I think my first link (No.13) had errors so is it okay for someone to delete it? I tried but wasn't able to do it. My 2nd link should be fine though. Thanks all! I had fun with this prompt :-)

    1. Sunra, it's done. (Sorry it took a little while to get to it, but I think no harm done.)

    2. Thank you for sorting that out, Rosemary! Technology wasn't my friend yesterday :-)

  3. Just a little note for Jae Rose and Rall - I wasn't able to comment on your blogs though I tried to, but I enjoyed both of them, and I loved all the details in how you honoured your grandmother in yours, Rall.


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