Wednesday, October 14, 2020

Weekly Scribblings #41: What’s the Price?

Hello, Word Artists and Admirers! For this week’s prompt, I’d like you to consider the question “What’s the price?” when plying your pen. That specific wording does not need to appear in the final product and feel free to have a little fun when deciding how you will interpret the question. I’m happy to read both prose and poetry, fiction or nonfiction. But please be sure to keep your words to 369 or fewer if you will be sharing prose. Thanks, and have fun!


  1. Thanks, Rommy, for this great prompt, which could lead in so many directions. I thought I was going to be late finding something to write, having been busy with offline things, but suddenly today I was presented with my subject in nice (if last-minute) timing.

  2. I agree whole hearted with miss Rosemary.

  3. Lovely prompt Rommy. Happy Wednesday to all


    much love...

  4. I just wrote a poem yesterday using that idea! Will try to write a new one. :)


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