Friday, September 29, 2023

Friday Writings #96: What, for you, conjures up Home?



I recently posted on facebook a photo of a country scene (the one below, near Wagga Wagga in NSW, Australia) which made one of my fb friends feel a twinge of homesickness for the country where she grew up – in this very area – reminding her, she said, of ‘the smell of dried grass.’


I told her that while I understand that sudden longing sparked by reminders of one’s childhood home, for me, having grown up in Tasmania, it’s more likely to be the smell of wet grass, or the sight of rainwater dripping off the end of a fern. (This photo of tree ferns in a Tasmania rainforest, which I found on Unsplash is by Arwen Jayne.)

One of my old friends, the late Australian poet Joyce Lee, often wrote pieces nostalgic for the vast plains of her Wimmera childhood, the memory of which sustained her decades later. Indeed, her first published book was called Plain Dreaming. Again, for me it’s vastly different: I love to be surrounded by mountains as I was in my youth (and happily am once more, in my age).

Do you too find that your sensual memories of the place you grew up in, when sparked, arouse that kind of nostalgia, at once sharp and comforting? Or did you perhaps live somewhere you couldn’t wait to get away from, to find a more nurturing home elsewhere?

The prompt for this week: Please tell us: what, for you, conjures up Home?


One post per person, maximum word count 369. You may give us poetry or prose, old or new. You can write to the prompt or not, as you choose. Link, below, to that particular post on your blog. Please read other people's posts too and if possible leave some appreciative comments. (We all thrive on encouragement.)

If you have any messages for the team, or to the group, please add them in the Comments space below. Please do check the group comments some time; often they are messages to / from particular individuals, indicating difficulty accessing someone's blog to read.

Next week, the indomitable Magaly will invite us to find inspiration in October.


  1. Thanks for this timely prompt, conjuring up home.

  2. Sorry people, I amlate to read, comment or even write for my own prompt. There's been lots of offline stuff needing attention. Coming on board now.

  3. Good day, Poets & Storytellers!

    It's good to be home. Yes, this place feels like a second home. :)
    "Home" is also one of the most clicked real estate on a website. Just kidding!
    I think "home", wherever one is, is never far from one's mind. I am posting one that I wrote sometime back, about an old place.

    I will be back later to read more. Going for an early community walk. :)

    1. I am impressed with your commitment to the walking!

    2. Oh, and I should have added how good it is to know that this place feels like a second home to you! Thank you for saying so.

  4. I will be back Monday night to comment. Had a very busy weekend and busy day tomorrow. Thank you, thank you for hosting. Margaret Bednar - don't know why my image and name isn't showing up here.

    1. I hope it's all been good busy, Margaret! I don't know for sure either about this Anonymous thing that afflicts some of us from time to time, but I suspect it may have something to do with which browser you use. I seem to have trouble with Firefox sometimes, but not with Chrome.


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