Friday, February 16, 2024

Friday Writings #114: Keeping secrets


Hello again, dear Wordsmiths.

How many of you are keeping secrets? I guess we all have some, whether large or small.

Having published my memoir, which reveals one of mine, known to almost no-one even among my closest friends – it's disconcerting that not very many people, so far, have bought the book.

How ironic! What an anti-climax! My deepest secret, kept private for decades … and no-one wants to know. Couldn’t get it on the 7 o’clock news if I tried, not even if I paid them. Clearly, I need to learn the secrets of marketing in the digital age.

It made me wonder – what have other people experienced after divulging their secrets? Shock, fascination, horror, sympathy … indifference?

And what happens if we tell someone else’s secret? When is that gossip? Does it constitute betrayal? Is it sometimes a good, or even a necessity?

So your prompt this week is ‘telling secrets.’ If you don’t want to disclose an actual secret, perhaps you could address the topic in a more general way.

Or you might consider different kinds of personal secrets: ‘The secret recipe handed down from my grandmother.’ ‘The secret to growing healthy roses.’ ‘The secret of my success.’

Then, too, we've just had Valentine's Day. Nowadays Valentines are often signed, but traditionally it was the time for expressing a secret love. Part of the fun was trying to guess whom a Valentine was from. So you might like to write about a secret love, or create a poem which is in itself a Valentine.

And, need I add – your poems and stories can be fictional!


You’re free to write to the prompt or to ignore it and give us something else.
We accept poetry or prose, new or old.

Word limit: 369 (excluding title and BRIEF notes).

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 Next week, the wise and wonderful Magaly will invite us to write poetry or prose inspired by the following quote: “Through discipline comes freedom.”


  1. Wonderful question- I'm going to say "indifference" is the most common reaction... not that I understand why. Especially got that from people who've known me for ages. Strange but true. But one little reason could be mine was a poetic memoir and they definitely hate poetry more than they (possibly) love(?) me... or so I made my peace with it.

    1. That made me giggle! (In fellow-feeling, you understand.)

  2. Creative folk are typically uncomfortable with the marketing aspect but this awkward stage is what sells as does having a good story behind the story. Some authors buy a few printed versions of their own books and take them to local stores where managers have book signings. It's not pretty haha, especially since poets and/or women in general don't like to blow their own horn. You can also send a press release about your book to the community newspaper if there is one and drum up interest that way. Or you could just curl up on a couch and get lost in thoughts of another book you will one day write. :))

    1. Aww, thanks Penelope! 'A good story behind the story' is an excellent tip. (And I have that.)

      Truth to tell, I was so exhausted after 2 years of writing, perfecting, self-publishing, launching, and getting review copies out, that I just rested for all of January (and also enjoyed a visit from my son and his partner, who live elsewhere).

      I have had a press release in local paper prior to (very successful) launch. Now am in conversation with local libraries in the region about 'meet the author' events later in the year, with book signings and sales. And will be talking to our one and only local bookshop next week. But this is a small community! Interest has died down, which is why it seems better to wait a few months and then have a renewed push.

      Looking wider, apparently TikTok is the best platform for social media marketing of books, so I am currently researching how to go about that. (The first thing is to buy a tripod for my iPhone!)

      The next book has been started, but somewhat deferred for the present with all this marketing taking my time and attention!

  3. Your prompts always seem to coincide with something I've just written. It's serendipitous!!


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