Friday, May 12, 2023

Friday Writings #76: To-Do Lists

According to Jon Edgell, “[Cats] are blissfully unaware that they have only a finite time in which to finish their ‘to do’ list.” But goodness knows that the same can’t be said of most humans. We (yes, I am human) are experts at the art of fretting over things we have to do. Some of us can even get a bit (all right, a lot) obsessive about listing our to-dos. 

So, my dearest poets and storytellers, for today’s optional prompt, I invite you to take a To-Do List (real or imagined) and turn it into a story or a poem (share the original list in your post, because I am nosy).

If this prompt doesn’t fit in your muse’s to-write-list, share any piece you like. Your contribution can be new or old, short or longish (369 words or fewer), fiction or nonfiction. Share the direct link to your post, please. One link per participant. Visit other poets and storytellers. And be kind; do not tell your cat (or anyone else’s cat) that they don’t have forever to finish their to-do-lists. 

next week, Rommy will invite us to write a poem or story inspired by lyrics from a song that really annoys us (please tell what the song is somewhere in the blog post).

photo by Thomas Bormans - on Unsplash


  1. I enjoyed this one! Thank you. I seldom write to-do lists, but I realised I do always have them in my head, so I just had to translate that to the page – one way or another.

    1. PS I just love the list illustrating this post – now that's my kinda to-do list!

    2. I just checked one of the item in the post's to-do list. I think I'll check another soon.

      And I love your poem!

  2. Once again, I am grateful for this group of poets!

  3. Good day, Poets & Storytellers!
    I am posting the last instalment of my sijo series.
    One day, I will make a to-do list. Decluttering is top of the chart.
    Things are getting crazy over here, the day temperature was hovering at 37 deg C, probably hitting 39 deg C at times. And today, I tested myself +ve for COVID, after my body aches like hell. I have been careful, I wear a mask every time I take public transport. I think there's a wave going around but the authorities are not too worried. Ah well, more time to stay at home to write poetry. :)

    1. I've really enjoyed your sijo series. It left me in the mood to reread Good Omens, by Terry Pratchett and Neil Gaiman, an old time favorite.

      Wow, your "cozy" would probably give me heat stroke--damn menopause! 😅 Damn COVID, too. I hope your symptoms aren't too harsh. And if they are, well... kick them in the face with a poem or ten.

    2. Dear Magaly, you read too fast. He said 'crazy' not 'cosy'.
      Dear dsnake1, so sorry about the COVID. I haven't had it yet but by now know quite a few who have, and they have survived well enough by resting and doing everything right for the duration. Where I live, most people have discarded masks, but I am still obsessive about hand sanitising.


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