Friday, March 17, 2023

Friday Writings #68: Light as a Feather

Hello, word artists and admirers! The winds are kicking up hard around the Philly suburbs, like they do every March. I’m noticing a lot of things getting moved around by the breezes—last year’s leaves, stray feathers, snippets for story ideas. OK that last one is just happening in my head, but I’ve come up with several fun ideas I’d like to play around with while going for a walk on a blustery day.

So today for those who would like to work with a prompt, I’m suggesting “as light as a feather.” What comes to mind when you hear that phrase? Write about or anything else that tickles your fancy and it with us. I’m taking both poetry and prose, fiction and non-fiction. Just be sure to keep your pieces to 369 words or fewer and one entry per person please.

Next week, Rosemary will invite us to write about “darkness and light.”


  1. The link at no. 5 against my name is not working. Please delete it. The link at no. 8 is correct.

  2. By the time your get to the last four lines my my poem ... I am light as a feather!!

  3. Good day, Poets & Storytellers!
    Hope everyone's doing well in your part of the world.
    Will be back to read later. :)

  4. Thank you! Hope everyone is well.

  5. Hello everybody. I am lagging a little late again, for a very nice reason – been busy with family visitors for several days, gadding about and generally having a lovely time. They live in England and we had not seen each other since before COVID, so it was a great treat.

    1. Oh darn, I showed up as Anon. It's Rosemary.

    2. I see it as you on the second comment. :D I'm so happy you had a chance to reconnect.


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