Friday, November 4, 2022

Friday Writings #51: The Power of Three



Greetings, dear Wordsmiths! What does the number 3 suggest to you?

It’s often said that three is a magic number – and, by extension, multiples of three. Be that as it may, it’s a number I like. I like finding instances of it in my life, such as when I lived for a while at a house with the street number 396.

As a mother, I raised three sons. As a wife, I’ve had three husbands! I only had children with one – but via my third husband, Andrew, I acquired my three (already grown) stepchildren, who have become my good friends.

The best off-line writers’ groups I’ve been in, for mutual support and for help with improving the work – one in the past, one in the present – have each had three members. The first one lasted years, even when we all lived in different countries and had to conduct it by email. Though we eventually moved on for practical reasons, we all remember it fondly. The present one is local. In this small town, we’re within five minutes’ drive of each other. It’s easy for us to meet in the comfortable home of the one who doesn’t have a car.

This P&SU community, which we all create by our participation, has had three stages of evolution – one when it was begun by Robb Lloyd as a loose connection of small support groups under one large umbrella; next as the ten years of Poets United, most of that time under the leadership of Mary and Sherry; now as Poets and Storytellers United, coordinated by a team of three.

The number three pops up in nursery rhymes, stories, songs and catchphrases too. Three Blind Mice, The Three Little Pigs, The Three Musketeers, Three Little Maids From School Are We, Three Coins in the Fountain, Third time lucky …

I’m sure you can find many things it suggests to you!

So this week’s optional prompt is to share a piece of writing on the number three, or which includes that value in some way.

Or, share something unprompted if you’d rather.

Guidelines: It can be old or new, verse or prose. Link us to your blog post via Mister Linky below. One link per person, please, and there’s a limit of 369 words (yes, a multiple of three) excluding title and notes.

Have fun writing and reading!

Next week, Magaly will invite us to write poetry or prose that includes dialogue.


(Image of hand by 'Sincerely media' at Unsplash)


  1. My Sabatical is going in ernest now, I'm not with my computer so I won't be able to return comments to quite a few using Blogger and not allowing Mr./Mrs.-Miss Anonymous.
    Did you know that if you get a dropdown "comment as Anonymous" that's okay, it has a dropdown menu and as I am using here, choose Name and URL, and we can post linked to our blog.
    That's what I did here.
    Since like others, I am linked here to an older Poem, a 2018 mostly true poem, originally written for the word "Time". But, its theme usage was based on the Biblical Ecclesiastes CHAPTER THREE.
    I'm having trouble finding the editing original. The poem itself is linked here though. I will use some more Sabattical time scrolling through.
    BTW, the one that was recovering from foot surgery is having the other foot worked over very soon.
    Thanks, Rosemary, for this prompt. I have my first two marriages, 13 years and four children and now still working on the second one, 49 years wuth one child and counting. I plan to stop at the two.

    1. Oh, I think you can safely stop at the second marriage when it's so successful as yours obviously is!

    2. It seems to me, Jim, that 2 is your magic number. Unless you included yourself, which would make 1 Jim + 2 marriages = 3. Always 3!

  2. As you already know, I'm slightly obsessed with the number 3. I've never thought about how the obsession might've started, but after reading this post I am wondering if it wasn't a side effect of all the stories my Grandma told me. Whatever the case, 3 is awesome--the same goes for your prompt. 😘😘😘

    1. Ah yes, all those stories ... maybe that's where my preference started too.

  3. Good day, Poets & Storytellers!
    Three is a good number in our culture. Maybe I will do a poem on it one day, I had a brief idea of a poem for this prompt, but I scratched it.
    Instead I am posting one that I assembled from little bits of ideas from long ago and edited last year. :)


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