Friday, July 1, 2022

Friday Writings #33: Daring to Dream

Hello, dear wordsmiths. What are your dreams, in these – er – interesting times? Are they big or small, personal or planetary? All of the above?

Song writers and such often suggest that to dream at all is daring.

Somewhere over the rainbow
Skies are blue
And the dreams that you dare to dream
Really do come true

And so on. And yet there are modest dreams too. For many, to own their own home and have a happy family living in it would be enough, and more  than enough – and after all, is that a small thing or is it everything?

Lately I've been seeing tissue boxes with all kinds of positive messages on them. I buy my groceries online, so I don't necessarily see these messages before ordering, let alone choose them, but when they turn up I try to place them well. 'Hello, Gorgeous!' on the coffee table where visitors sit, for instance.

I told myself that 'Dream Big' must be a great opportunity to program my subconscious during sleep.


Well, that was interesting! Nothing particularly dramatic in my dreams – only I started waking up recalling my dreams, after years of remembering none. Yes, really! That in itself is big. Maybe I really did program my subconscious.

I wonder what dreaming big means, anyway. I suspect that for many people in our capitalist society it means going after financial and business success. For an artist or performer it might mean a showing in a top gallery, or landing a major movie role.

'Peace in our time' has been pretty much a universal dream of humanity over the centuries – because we  have not been very good at maintaining it.

Many of us dream of adventure. And I'm sure all of us, at some point, dream of love.

What does my cat dream of, I wonder, when she makes little noises in her sleep, or her paws twitch? Are her dreams large or small to her?

If you'd like a prompt this week, please respond, in any way that takes your fancy, to the phrase 'Dream big'.

Or share something else you've written, old or new, serious or silly, verse or prose (prose to be 369 words max, excluding title).

Link your (one) post below, for our delectation; read and comment on what others are posting too; share any general thoughts or concerns in the comments here. Enjoy!

Next week, Magaly will invite us to write a piece which includes one or all of the following words: belief, choice, freedom.



  1. Happy Friday everyone.
    Its days of stormy weather here in T&T.


    1. Same to you, Gillena! We've been having a rainy one here.

  2. Good day, Poets & Storytellers!

    When I was younger, I dreamt of been a correspondent & travel the world, but the realities of life sunk in pretty fast, and the trajectories went in other directions but it bring in the food. Now I am happy staying ahead of the pandemic and other nasties, and able to write some stuff along the way. :)

  3. These says, I stick to small dreams: the strength to get out of bed, being able to hold my food down, seeing a butterfly dancing on a bloom... I can't wait for the days when the big dreams: less disease, less war, more freedom for all, publishing a novel... don't seem so far away.

    1. Those 'small dreams' sound pretty darn big in their way. I'm thankful (to the Powers That Be) and grateful (to you!) that you are still able and willing to inspire and encourage us here.

  4. No Mr. Linky😞.

  5. *Be warned. I shared something new & hot.


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