Friday, April 15, 2022

Friday Writings #22: Upcycled Words

 Hello, Word Artists and Admirers! You may be asking yourself, "Hey, wasn't Magaly supposed to be hosting this week?" Yep, you'd be right. An unexpected gift of a birthday cold has got her feeling under the weather, so I offered to step in so she could get some much needed rest. Her screen time is a bit limited at the moment, but I'm sure she'd appreciate any well wishes you have to offer. 

Here's to Magaly knocking out the cold in her system.

For those who'd like to use a prompt, I'm going to stick with Magaly's original prompt, Upcycled Words: take previously discarded prose or poetry or thoughts, and reuse them to craft a piece of higher quality than the original. As always, poetry and prose are welcome, as are fiction and non-fiction. Please keep prose to 369 words or fewer and one entry per person, thanks!

Looking ahead to next week, I will ask you to shape your words around the idea of "medicine for the body and/or soul." Have fun everyone!


  1. Sending healing thoughts your way, Magaly!

  2. I have already wished our Magaly a speedy recovery. Thanks again for stepping in, Rommy.

    It's a great prompt, but I have been so busy lately that I didn't get it done, so have posted something else instead.

  3. Healing wishes to Magaly.


  4. Yes, Magaly, get well wishes to you. Hoping for a speedy recovery.

  5. Get well at the earliest. God bless!

  6. Good day, everyone!
    And Magaly, have a speedy recovery.

    That's a good prompt. I have some old notes lying around, may try an edit on some.

  7. Great to share my thoughts here :)
    Many times we do not share thinking what others will think of us.
    But, others are always ready to judge, not thinking what we will think! :)
    My poem is about such unfair judgment and pulling down...

  8. Rommy, here is a belated thank you for being so awesome and taking care of things.

    Thanks for the healing wishes, everyone.


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