Friday, November 3, 2023

Friday Writings #101: I Couldn't Have Done It Without You


Hello, Word Artists and Admirers! We’re getting near that time of year we’re we start looking back on what we’ve done. I know I have a few small victories to be proud of, but those things didn’t occur in a vacuum. I’m grateful for the threads of help and inspiration I got that helped me stitch together those wins.


For this week’s optional prompt, I invite you to work with the phrase “I couldn’t have done it without you”. Feel free to interpret the expression as loosely as you wish (it can be about a person, an experience, a favorite book, etc.). Prose and poetry are welcome as are fiction and non-fiction. Please stick to 369 words or fewer in your pieces and remember, just one entry per person. Also feel free to share any of this year’s victories in the comments so we can all cheer you on.

Next week, Rosemary will ask us to ignore the writing advice warning us against over-use of adjectives (and adverbs) and instead really go over-the-top with them to produce something that’s a joy to read.


  1. Hi... can't see my link though when I try to add it again, it says it's already there... just leaving it here, so please help!! - and though I am sharing a poem on climate change, the prompt resonates- whether it was dealing with health or finishing my memoir series, definitely lots of gratitude to those who were there for me.

    1. Rajani, I can see your link, and it works. No need to fix anything – except perhaps some glitch at your end?

    2. I'm glad you had a great support team for all of those things!

  2. My current victory is that my 'Pentridge trilogy' as I am calling it (some friends are referring to it as a trifecta!) has been printed – not without some glitches and delays – and will be launched locally on November 25. It consists of three separate books (which I tell you because someone asked if I was referring to three books in one volume): the memoir about running poetry workshops in prison, which many of you were kind enough to read and comment on when it was in first draft in one of my blogs; a new edition of 'Blood from Stone,' the anthology of prison poetry first published back then (40+ years ago); and a small chapbook of my own poems which is a spin-off from the memoir.
    Today's prompt reminded me of a seven-and-a-half-year-old poem celebrating one of my oldest and dearest friendships, with a woman who was my right hand in those workshops, and a supportive companion through many other experiences in my life. So I'm sharing that poem – again – for this prompt. I also shared it with the old Poets United, much closer to the time when it was written, so if it seems to ring a vague bell for any of you, that's why.

  3. A poem from several years ago ... it was fun remembering each of my elementary school teachers then ... and it remains so today. Cheers to all the teachers out there ... and in my life!


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