Wednesday, April 7, 2021

Weekly Scribblings #64: Beloved Companions


Poppi, my new cat.

It’s no secret that I am recently delighted with my new cat. As well as taking many photos, I am doing a lot of writing about her.

I know we have other cat-lovers here, and also plenty of dog-lovers. Many of you are devoted to the plants you are rearing. Most of us would surely consider particular books our lifelong friends. For some, those might be recipe books! Perhaps there is a treasured chair you cannot live without, or a favourite toy saved since childhood. 

And of course there are the special people in our lives. But today I’d like you to write about your non-human beloved companions, please, whatever form they may take. I’m looking forward to what you come up with. (In my own case, not hard to guess … unless I decide to surprise you.)

Please regale us with one poem or prose piece, new or newish. (If you wrote it in the last week or so, it fits the prompt, and we haven’t seen it yet, that’s acceptable. If it’s old but you’ve considerably rewritten it – I mean beyond the odd tweak – that's fine too.) If you choose prose, please keep to 369 words maximum, excluding title.

Enjoy the writing, and also the reading!


  1. Happy Wednesday. Be Safe


  2. I'm a bit late posting. Today I attended yet another funeral of yet another long-time friend. We met when we worked in the parent teachers organization of the elementary school our children attended. So many of my dear long-time friends are gone. I'm beginning to feel like the last woman standing!!

    1. Sincere condolences, Bev. I'm afraid it's the price we pay for living long. And yet I am glad I am still here to remember all my precious friends who have gone on.

  3. Poppi is adorable. Thanks for sharing.

  4. I posted about my precious little buddy Edgrrr, whom we just lost. He will be forever loved and forever missed. He will be my last dog, as no other can take his place.


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