Friday, September 22, 2023

Friday Writings #95: Losing Track of Time


Hello, Word Artists and Admirers! September seemed to go by in a blink for me. My hectic work project load may have contributed to that feeling. Or it might be the whirlwind attention my muses have been giving me while working on a novel. Either way, it feels like only yesterday I when I was eying up bathing suits, while today I was reaching for my favorite purple cardigan.

For this week's optional prompt, may I suggest the phrase "losing track of time." You don't have to use the exact phrase, but the idea should be in there somewhere. I'm taking prose and poetry, fiction and non-fiction. The pieces should be 369 words or fewer, and one entry per person please.

Next week, Rosemary will ask what feels like home to you.

Friday, September 15, 2023

Friday Writings #94: Storm, Ink, Love

Greetings, my dear poets and storytellers. I hope you and your muse are doing well. I’m currently recovering from an immune system flare up and my muse is just annoyed—she keeps wanting more than my flesh and bones and I can provide. All right, my muse just glared at me inside my head, so I shan’t tell you more about her issues (she’s sensitive *cough*).

Let’s move on to today’s optional prompt instead: write poetry or prose which includes the words storm, ink, and love. The words can be used in any order or form. So, be stormy, have inky thoughts, feel extra loving and such… 


Required: Post the response on your blog. Add the direct link to your post to Mister Linky. One post per person, please, 369 words maximum (excluding title), for prose and for poetry.

Optional: You may share an old or a new piece, in poetry or prose, and you may write to the prompt or to a topic of your choosing. If you wish to say hello or have any questions, leave a note in the comments section below.

Requested (not compulsory but strongly recommended): Visit other writers and storytellers. Read their contributions. Share your thoughts on their words.

for next week, Rommy will invite us to work with the idea of “losing track of time(the phrase doesn’t have to be used, but the idea should be part of your poetry or prose).